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HMR’s Chicken Creole Entree can be used to make lots of delicious meals. Check out these recipes to add some variety to your weight loss repertoire.

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Chicken Creole

Simple Changes

Make a change like this just 2 times a week and lose or keep off over 30 lbs. in a year!

Instead of a high-fat meal like this for 1,735 calories

have an HMR Entree with vegetables for only 345 calories!

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Susan's Story

Susan stopped the dieting yo-yo and lost over 50 pounds with HMR. Watch her inspiring story!

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A Hot Dog for Halloween… and other scary tales

 I’ll just come out and say it. My daughter wants to be a hot dog for Halloween… Read Full Post

tags: HMR, motivation, kids, mommy blog, holidays
category: motivation

From Squirmy to Book-Wormy

Last year, my 9-year-old daughter wrote a letter to the principal of her school, and inspired a change that impacted her entire school… Read Full Post

tags: HMR, motivation, exercise, kids, mommy blog
category: motivation

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Nicole's Story

Nicole went from a size 24 to a size 8 with HMR - read how she lost weight and gained a joyful appreciation for life... ... read more >

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Fort Sumner, NM--Billy the Kid Museum Hope they don't "outlaw" my HMR BeneFit bars!