Garden Chicken and Rice Soup

Garden Chicken and Rice Soup

Tasty, low-calorie, filling, easy... what more could you want? Triple the batch & feed your family!

Calories: 435
Veg Servings: 3
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While preparing dinner for my family, I can often find myself looking to snack on anything that is around me – and those calories can add up quickly! Making a high volume shake to drink at that time keeps me full for 3 hours – on 200 calories or less! How can you beat that? Here are 5 favorites… Read Full Post

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HMR makes 2 basic flavors of shakes: vanilla and chocolate (the Chicken Soup and Multigrain Hot Cereal also count as shakes, but we’ll talk about them in another blog). While most people think the vanilla and chocolate shakes taste really good on their own, at some point they might want, well, something else. Read Full Post

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