Pina Colada Chicken

Pina Colada Chicken

For a taste of the tropics, try this unexpected twist on the Savory Chicken.

Calories: 240
Fruit Servings: 0.5
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Souper Entree!

You can’t keep a recipe this good a secret! It’s warm, savory, and has a bit of a crunch to it. I like it enough to eat it several times a week. I’m talking about the HMR Savory Chicken. We all have our favorites, and this, for me, doesn’t even make my top 5. However, I L-O-V-E it when it’s prepared like this… Read Full Post

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The Health Benefits of a Colorful Diet

When it comes to health, eating a variety of fruits and vegetable is key because different colors of vegetables and fruits provide different health benefits. For example, the nutritional benefits you get from the “Greens” are different but complementary to the benefits you get from, say, the “Oranges” or the “Reds.” Here are some examples… Read Full Post

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