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Going Nuts for PB2

As several of us were gathering for a meeting at the HMR Corporate Office some time ago, someone asked the question:

“If you could pick just one food, and that food could be calorie-free for a day, what would it be?”

After a short pause, everyone offered their idea of the perfect calorie-free food. Pizza. Hamburgers. Bacon. Chocolate. Mexican food. Fried Chicken. While I was the one that suggested Mexican food, I was secretly thinking about my long-lost favorite, peanut butter. Years ago, when I found out peanut butter had 100 calories per tablespoon I quietly sighed to myself and said “Well, goodbye peanut butter.”

Fortunately, food technology has caught up with my taste for peanut butter in the creation of PB2. What is PB2? It’s made from, well, peanuts. Specifically, it’s made from roasted peanuts that have been 85% defatted and ground into a powder. It comes in two varieties, plain and with chocolate (pure genius!).

It’s about 22 calories per tablespoon and is appropriate for both Phase 1 (including Decision-Free) and Phase 2. It’s not exactly calorie-free, so we recommend using 1 level tablespoon (dry) per meal replacement.

What do you do with it? We gave samples to some of the folks at HMR and here are some of their ‘quick and easy’ ideas. Add a tablespoon of PB2 (dry – either type) to:

  • Any vanilla or chocolate shake for a peanut butter shake
  • Smoothies (try a banana-PB2 smoothie)
  • Any vanilla or chocolate pudding (made with 70 Plus) for a peanut butter pudding
  • Pudding with Fruit (try it with a diced Apple)
  • Cooked Multigrain Hot Cereal
  • Entrees (see the recipe below)
  • Vegetables


Thai Peanut Chicken
1 HMR Savory Chicken entree
2 cups broccoli florets
1 tablespoon regular PB2
1 teaspoon low-sodium soy sauce
Optional Condiments: cilantro, green onions, red pepper flakes

Cook the broccoli to taste. Cut the chicken into strips from the Savory Chicken entrée. Mix the broccoli, Savory Chicken entrée, PB2, and soy sauce together. Microwave until hot, about 1 minute. Garnish with your choice of condiments.

310 Calories
2 Vegetable Servings

If you have PB2 recipes of your own you would like to share, please post them here.

To order PB2, contact your local HMR program.

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by KeithVanGasken on 04/17/2013 | Share Story With a Friend

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About the Author

Keith Van Gasken

Keith Van Gasken began obesity treatment in a clinic setting in 1982, and has been with HMR since 1992. Roles have included health educator & mentor, as well as program and product development, with a special affinity for product & recipe development. He has maintained a 100-lb. weight loss since 1982.

Comments (13) Post a comment
I've been buying PB2 by the pound from I LOVE this stuff!
by ChrisG on 05/06/2013
Indeed, PB2 is not a 'Shake', but a add-in for flavor. It comes in a jar (you can see what it looks like in the blog). Because it is essentially non-fat peanut flour, it tastes like peanuts. You can use up to 1 Tablespoon per shake or cereal. You can add it to Shakes, the Cereal, even entrees. Take a look at the sites recipe's here to see examples: You can buy PB2 from the clinic where you buy your other HMR foods. Enjoy!
by KeithVanGasken on 10/13/2011
So the PB2 is not a supplement it is like using different flavorings such as sugar free puddings for example. Is the jar sold as a supplement or not. And does it really taste like the real thing. I wonder if there is a way to make peanut butter cookies. Does anyone have any ideas like with the cereal and bake, etc. I am on the decision free and would like something different
by annshakes on 10/13/2011
Hey ivandrago, Just add a tablespoon of PB2 to almost any shake, pudding, or cereal. I really like a Vanilla shake + PB2.
by KeithVanGasken on 08/02/2011
I'm not a big fan of peanut butter, but I think it would be ok with chocolate. Is there a good recipe for the PB2 with chocolate?
by ivandrago on 08/02/2011
I had a double vanilla shake thei other day for breakfast wtih PB2 in it (a heaping tablespoon since it was a double) and the shake was so filling until lunch- it was aslo delicious-
by ChristineWeithman on 07/15/2011
Thanks Keith! I love PB2 and did you know they (bell plantation) are also supporting bio fuel resources?
by spazdiet72 on 07/14/2011
I <3 PB2. I love it spread on old favorite but with way fewer calories!
by MegN09 on 07/12/2011
PB2 = Perfection
by akirk01 on 07/11/2011
I love the PB2 too! I've tried the Thai Peanut Chicken recipe in the blog and really liked it. My favorite way to use it is in my double choc/vanilla shake.
by SandiBraithwaite on 07/08/2011
Try PB2 and frozen strawberries in a vanilla shake for a delicious PB&J shake!
by AJDiet on 07/07/2011
Someone had me try the PB2 in the Risotto as a lettuce wrap yesterday. It was deliscious. Could serve it as an appetizer at a party it was so good.
by JohnCroll on 06/30/2011
Thanks Keith! I love peanut butter and PB2 does the trick for a lot fewer calories!
by LeaLea on 06/28/2011