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Freeze, Frappe, or Float

Depending on where you hail from in the U.S., you may know them by different names. Where I’m from, when you blend ice cream and soda together you get a “freeze.” I’m talking about those blended, thick, frosty, icy shakes that are reminiscent of malt shop fare. One big sip and you have instant brain freeze.

Discovering how to make my very favorite freeze, the almighty Root Beer Freeze, in a very low-calorie, low-fat fashion, has been a godsend. I don’t even miss the high-fat ice cream or the sugary root beer at all. I make my skinny version super icy and thick by simply blending 12 oz of diet root beer, 2 cups of ice, (did I mention it’s icy?!) and 1 serving of Vanilla HMR Shake powder. I blend until ice crystals form. If you try this yourself don’t forget to vent the blender when using carbonated beverages. (Unless you like cleaning your ceiling!) You’ll need a big cup to hold the 32 oz freeze.

It’s super filling and it’ll have you humming your favorite malt shop jukebox tune. My personal favorites: “It’s My Freeze and I’ll Drink it if I Want to” and “Dedicated to the Freeze I Love.”

I usually have a freeze as a mid-afternoon snack to keep me from rooting around in pantry and grabbing something less filling and higher calorie.

Here are a few others to try (Just follow the directions above that I used for my Root Beer Freeze for any of the recipes.):

Black Cow
12 oz diet cola
2 cups ice
1 HMR Chocolate Shake

Creamsicle Shake
12 oz diet orange soda
2 cups ice
1 HMR Vanilla Shake

Chocolate Malt
12 oz water or, 12 oz diet chocolate soda
2 cups ice
1 HMR Chocolate Shake
1 tbsp malt powder (like Ovaltine®)

Click here to post your own soda fountain recipe. Look for “Share Your Healthy Recipe.”


by SandiBraithwaite on 06/04/2014 | Share Story With a Friend

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Sandi Braithwaite

Sandi Braithwaite, from our Consumer Relations Department, has been a member of the HMR team since 2002. She has her hands in several areas of the company, from marketing to being a weight loss coach. When Sandi’s not working, she’s teaching dance & exercise classes & cooking up new recipes.

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Sounds delicious Sandi! I'll have to go home and try it...and maybe sing a couple of those tunes as well. You are so witty!
by debbiec on 10/13/2011
Delish! I love the root beer float. For extra thicky-ness I cut up pieces of banana, add to the orange creamiscle...YUMMY!
by Chrissy78 on 10/10/2011