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07.20.17 06:07 PM
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02.04.09 12:19 PM
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Topic Title: taste of meals
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Created On: 03/03/17 05:36 PM
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03/03/17 05:36 PM
lisaann Posts: 1
Joined: 03/03/17
I am on my first day of the diet and I have had 2 entrees. They both were pretty awful in my opinion. I dont want to give up on this plan, but it was hard for me to get through the lasagna. I mean, it tastes like canned ravioli, which I know many people like just fine. I, however, find it repulsive. I am used to fresh home cooked meals. Has anybody else dealt with this issue? I feel like I'd rather starve than eat food that tastes terrible, if not for the fact that it was so expensive. That is the only reason I was able to choke down that lasagna.
03/04/17 01:30 AM
mjames1229 Posts: 6
Joined: 06/30/16
I am absolutely in agreement on the taste of the meals. Regardless of what your clinic says, there are two things you must do to make the program work.

1) Lower your taste standards. Sorry. But that's how it works.
2) Try numerous entrees to find ones that are (for lack of a better phrase) less horrible. Personally, I got into a routine with the Pasta e Fagioli, Chili, 5-bean casserole and the lasagne.

When the time is right (and after counsel with your clinic) moving to Healthy Solutions will be a Godsend, with the ability to add five servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

The best part, though, is that you can alter the taste of the foods. My most favorite hacks (HMR calls them recipes) is...

1) When making Healthy Solutions lasagne, separate the layers and scrape out the sauce. Set aside. Then take a can of Ro*Tel tomoates and any other vegetable you want to make a sauce out of. Heat that and set aside. Wilt a cup or two of spinach, then layer the pasta, Ro*Tel sauce and spinach. Bake for about 30 minutes.

2) Saute about 1/2 cup total of onions, bell pepper, celery and jalapeno.
a) If making chili, also add some chili powder. Add the chili to the saute pan. When finished, add 1 to 2 T of fat free sour cream.
b) if making Pasta e Fagioli, add the entree to the saute pan, then throw in a cup of spinach.

When in Healthy Solutions, adding vegetables to the entrees changes the flavor and texture, and (to coin a phrase) helps the medicine get down.

I started HMR Decision Free in June 2016, and switched to Healthy Solutions within about six weeks. I am down 92#. I got through my issues with entree taste because I knew that shedding pounds was important for my health. I just had to do it.

Good luck with your journey.
03/05/17 10:08 AM
KeithVanGasken Posts: 2860
Joined: 06/07/11
Hi there lisaanne. It's great you came by and asked.

While most of our dieters like the entrees, that isn't always the case. Have you tried using herbs or spices? If they are on your diet, tried mixing them with fresh veggies?

Take a look here:

Keith Van Gasken
Senior Nat'l Trainer, Health Ed., Forum Moderator
HMR Weight Management Services Corp.
03/06/17 05:02 PM
Reva329 Posts: 1
Joined: 03/06/17
I am only into my 3rd week and know just how you feel - ( those were almost my exact words about the pastas). But I am a little better with them now. Spices are a life saver - chili, Italian seasoning - even a little salt and pepper help. Adding vegetables, if allowed, helps as others have said. After a little time your tastes do acclimate - altho I would so love something without a sauce on it!
03/17/17 11:47 PM
katsn52 Posts: 5
Joined: 09/09/14
I agree that most of the meals are horrible, but find a few that you can handle best...usually with a huge addition of vegetables. I cut up the bbq chicken into tiny pieces and heat it and the rice and beans with a full zucchini chopped up. The vegetable stew with beef has a tasty gravy...just dump in a lot of mixed vegetables. I personally don't like spicy things, so I wash all the sauce off the Pasta Fagioli or the TurkeyChili with Beans, and then mix it with the 5 bean casserole. That makes a really good hot meal on a cold winter night (we just had 14 inches of snow)
05/13/17 10:55 PM
LetsTryThisAgain Posts: 6
Joined: 05/13/17
I lost 60 lb on HMR years ago and LOVED all the meals. Especially the Italian ones. Since that time, I have become intolerant to gluten and allergic to wheat. I WISH that I could eat these meals this time around. Someone please suggest they bring out more gluten free meals!!!!
05/15/17 03:38 PM
Brendalynn19 Posts: 4
Joined: 03/19/15
mjames1229 - thank you for posting those two ideas. Even with the addition of veggies to these meals, I am having a hard time putting them together where it is satisfying enough for me. I was on this program 3 years ago and yes it did work but after awhile, I could not choke down the food and found myself not eating because of that. I decided since I know it did work the last time that I am forcing myself to do it again and gonna try harder at finding those "hacks" as you say. Do you have any other good ideas?
05/15/17 04:34 PM
KeithVanGasken Posts: 2860
Joined: 06/07/11
Here is a blog that has a lot of great ideas about making entries in different ways: Hacking Your HMR Entrees -

Keith Van Gasken
Senior Nat'l Trainer, Health Ed., Forum Moderator
HMR Weight Management Services Corp.
05/15/17 11:42 PM
StephanieSays Posts: 3
Joined: 04/20/17
I find that adding no salt vegetable broth helps immensely. Not a ton of it, but enough to thin out the thick sauce, which I find gross. I also add many different flavorings like Mrs. Dash (no salt) or chopped canned tomatoes (again, low or no sodium) to help give them different flavor profiles.

I also like to add lots of fresh things, like chopped garlic, sliced onions, ginger, herbs, etc. and saute them in a bit of broth before adding the entree to the pan and warming it all up together.

I have a hard time with many of the entrees and these things have all helped!