Hearty Turkey Chili Potato


Calories: 330

Vegetable servings: 2

posted by HMR

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  • 1 HMR Turkey Chili with Beans Entree
  • 1 white potato (or sweet potato), baked
  • Optional: fresh, chunky salsa and non-fat sour cream
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  1. Heat entree according to directions.
  2. Slice potato down the middle to open slightly.
  3. Pour entree over the top.

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I can have Potatoes on a Diet??

Every diet I've been on says potatoes are a NO. I was both shocked & overjoyed to be able to change up my Turkey Chili meal with this recipe I tried it last night. It's yummy, filling, and guilt-free! I'll definitely be eating more of this. Thank you for sharing.

posted by LadyAutoCAD

Even better

Add cheese sauce - 1 pk chicken soup, 1tlb cheesy taco seasoning mix in 1/4 c hot water.

posted by fillups


I love this combo!

posted by luv2run

My Favorite!

Quick, filling, and with chunky salsa added, this meal tastes like a splurge!!!

posted by HealthE

Delicious and Easy!

I love the turkey chili entree with a sweet potato and a small amount of fat-free sour cream. It's such a quick and tasty meal!

posted by HMRErin

crowd pleaser!

The whole family loves this recipe- especially my kids! They request it often.

posted by Soonergirl

One of my Favorites

This is especially good with a sweet potato and topped with jalapenos.

posted by HMRunner

Easy Breezy Dinner

This is a great go to dinner when you don't have a lot of time. It even works on the go.

posted by MaryED

Quick and delicious

I like to add chopped tomato to this recipe. It is very filling.

posted by Carmen

this is a family favorite now!

posted by kimhall

Great on the Go

I like this recipe in particular because you can make it on the go! Make or order a plain baked potato and add the Turkey Chili entre and its ready!

posted by Monica


An all-American "meat & potatoes" classic with great taste, good nutrition and low calories!

posted by cindylouwho

Very easy to prepare even at work. This also tastes great with a sweet potato! I'm always nice and full after this high volume recipe!

posted by maegan1124

Hearty Turkey Chili Potato

Very good and filling and fast to prepare

posted by JeaneDiets


So simple and so good! Great way to get 2 veggies and an entree!

posted by Ward1411


Great Filling Meal

posted by LisaPatterson


This is a winner! Best low calorie potato topping I've found!

posted by Bknott

Simply Delicious

posted by ScottJoyce

filling and satisfying

posted by CoachJenny

Hearty and Filling

posted by Chr1ssy

So filling!

This is my "go to" recipe I have quite often. It's great when I am in a hurry, traveling or just when I want to be really full. It's easy to make and easy to add variety with additional veggies too.

posted by CatherineG

Hearty Turkey Chili Potato

This is my favorite, tried and true veggie/entree recipe.
I always bake at least 5 potatoes at a time to have them on hand.
Another fantastic variation is using sweet potatoes.
You have to try it to believe it!

posted by NatalieIdzik