HMR Faces
HMR Faces
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Tigger1958 | James Shackleford
Location: NJ Gender: Male
My Weight-Loss to Date: 92 lbs.
My Diet: Healthy Solutions
My Program: In-Clinic
I first started using HMR in: 2014
My three favorite HMR products are:
Barbecue Chicken, Bean & Beef Enchiladas, Vegetable Beef Stew
My Physical Activity Accomplishments
My Physical Activity Accomplishments: Over 4000 calories of PA per week
My Hobbies
My Hobbies: Historic preservation
My Favorite Quote
My Favorite Quote: Happy people don't necessarily have everything, they make the most of everything they have.
My Company
My Company: ACI Worldwide
My Job Title
My Job Title: Operations Support Engineer