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07.20.17 06:07 PM
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02.04.09 12:19 PM
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Topic Title: how does weight loss affect hernia repair with mesh?
Topic Summary: weight loss/mesh repair of hernia
Created On: 09/09/11 09:01 AM
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09/09/11 09:01 AM
Gagafan Posts: 1
Joined: 09/02/11
Good morning everyone. This is my first post on here, so be gentle with me. I was wondering if anyone has any information about potential problems after losing significant weight when you've had a prior abdominal/ventral hernia repair with mesh? Just wondering if there is anything I should be worried about. Thanks all )
09/09/11 10:36 AM
HMRdiet Posts: 108
Joined: 06/08/11
Thanks so much for posting. We're glad you've joined the forum. You're asking an important medical question, and while others here may have experience they can share with you, it's important that you check with your program medical staff and or your primary care physician for any medical issues you're facing.
09/09/11 04:20 PM
BillGalbreath Posts: 1
Joined: 09/08/11
I agree that you really need to consult with your physician as every case is unique, however I had the same hernia surgery August 2009, started the HMR program in March of 2010. I went from 298 to 200 without a problem at all with the hernia surgery/mesh. Fast forward to today and still no problems.
Stay healthy! See you around the lake,
Bill Galbreath