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Total Weight Loss: 83 lbs.

Hometown: ATL, GA

Favorite HMR Product: The HMR Frosty Orange (its a reasonable facsimile of the famous Varsity drink) of Diet Orange soda and vanilla shake.
Soup and Savory Chicken
BBQ Beans (BBQ Chicken and 5 Bean Cass mixed)

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In late 2010, I went looking for a new endocrinologist to support my chronic thyroid condition and approaching type 2 Diabetes. I was 48 years old, 100 pounds obese and starting to look and feel OLD. I found Dr. Isaacs, the Intelligent Health Center, HMR and a new younger life.

I started the Healthy Solutions program in January of 2011. I lost about 75 lbs in Core and Phase 1 over about 15 months. I continue to lose slowly in Phase 2, and will ultimately hit the 100 pound mark. I don't have type 2 diabetes, all medical markers are normal and I no longer need any medications as a result of weight.

I fell in love with cycling, hot yoga and (shock of all shocks - running), as part of the program.

The after picture is from the Warrior Dash. I've also run a sprint triathlon since starting this journey. I still surprise myself with what I'm able to do and how much bigger my life has gotten since I've gotten smaller....