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I Eat Whole Cantaloupes


I know calories. I mean, I’ve worked for HMR for 22 years, so I better know calories! But recently, some calorie information really struck me in a new way. Melons, like honeydew, watermelon and cantaloupe, are only 10 calories an ounce. That is an amazingly low number of calories per ounce… and compared to other fruit, the only lower items are tomatoes and lemons!

A cup of cantaloupe weighs about six ounces. So that’s 60 calories per cup - what a bargain! This got me to thinking, "About how many cups are in a whole cantaloupe?" Depending on its size, about 3-4 cups. Three to four cups of cantaloupe for about 200 calories, give or take. Wow. This is why you can eat whole cantaloupes with no thought of the calories. You get filled up well before the calories add up.

So, do you like cantaloupe (or honeydew or watermelon)? If so, why not eat the whole thing?! You’re only spending somewhere between 180 to 240 calories, while blasting your beta-carotene levels along with a myriad of other health-protecting phytochemicals. So go ahead and allow yourself to be full on very few calories while enjoying a refreshing breakfast, snack or dessert.

Do YOU eat whole cantaloupes?

by RickRiess on 04/15/2013 | Share Story With a Friend

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Rick Riess

Rick has worked for HMR since 1989 as a key member of HMR’s Training and Research departments and is an important collaborator on all new company initiatives. He is a positive health role model and is committed to helping people make a difference in their weight and with their health.

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Thanks for the info! I don't eat whole cantaloupe but can really put a hurting on a watermelon... plus in all this heat you need to stay hydrated and watermelon is a good source of potassium - help you keep your electrolytes in check! ☺
by LBanana on 07/16/2013
Hello, did you or any one stop to think that Canteloupe has 14 grams of sugar per 1 cup serving as well as the fact that a whole canteloupe is a huge portion which does not help anyone learn to eat healthy portions in a balanced diet for weight management once they reach their goals and are in Phase II. Losing and maintaining weight loss is a skill that is not easy to learn or practice and eating huge portions of fruit is not a benefit to either though in Phase I "more is better" it is extremely important to be mindfull of your portions if you want to mainitain that hard earned weight loss.
by kwhite on 04/16/2013
Since we were "kids" my wife and I have always shared a cantaloupe. (We were married quite young and just celebrated our 40th Anniversary last month.) We just cut it in half, scoop out the seeds, stick a spoon in each half and enjoy. However, on more than one occasion when she left the room and was not back within 5 minutes, I did eat her half as well - and then had to fix a whole one just for her. I recently shared this trick with a co-worker, and sometimes during one of our afternoon meetings we will split one. But when I shared that with my wife, she accused me of "cheating" on her :)
by ChuckBent on 04/16/2013
by tmack66 on 04/15/2013
I really enjoyed reading this blog, Rick!I I eat salad out of a bowl the size of a bucket sometimes! My roommates think I'm crazy but I try to explain to them this is the most filling, lowest calorie meal ever!
by sailGirl on 11/30/2011
Rick-When I read this I laughed since all summer long I would bring in a cantelope and eat the whole thing. My co-worker would laugh because "I could". Thanks for sharing this.
by crmeek on 11/21/2011 4 year old can down a whole cantaloupe by herself! That's how much she loves it. I often cut up one and then lament that I've only gotten to eat 1 teeny tiny little piece! :-)
by jennyb on 08/31/2011
I also eat whole canteloupes. I always did this even before HMR but before HMR I didn't think about the calories. I just really REALLY like cantaloupe. My grandpa was a melon freak and was always cutting up melons and giving them to me when I was a little kid (and peaches) so they really are my comfort foods.
by Tinkerbell on 08/31/2011
Great reminder, Rick. I'm going to Costco later today - they probably sell them 4 at a time. (...that will last 4 days!)
by jpennerIHM on 08/29/2011
This was a nice reminder to just cut the cantaloupe in half, seed it, and eat it! I had been cutting the melon into chunks that went into a plastic container for the fridge. Why go to all that trouble?! Now I just eat the entire half!
by szimmerm on 08/29/2011
Cantelopes or watermelons... try them with fresh ground black pepper! Fresh strawberries, too.
by jpesenti on 08/25/2011
Whole cantaloupes??? It's whole watermelons for me!!! Love the yellow ones, too. :)
by PeggyatHMC on 08/25/2011
My wife and I can never - not - split a Cantelope. Cut it in half and serve with 2 spoons :))
by ChuckBent on 08/24/2011
I love to eat whole cantaloupes, with a few strawberries added in too. I often buy 2- one for me and one to share with my little kids as they love it too.
by PeggyKerans on 08/24/2011
Never have yet, but there may be a first time soon.! Can I add a few blueberries for color and extra antioxidants?
by LiteheartLisa on 08/23/2011
Hi, Rick! I've been eating whole canteloupes for years!! Once I took a big tupperware container of cut up canteloupe on the airplane. The woman in the seat next to me got such a kick out of me eating ALL THAT melon! :) It's just so good, how could you not?
by Christine on 08/22/2011
I don't eat whole cantelopes but I have been eating alot of watermelon this summer for the same reason. It fills me up and tastes great. Here in Florida it cools me off also!
by Camille on 08/22/2011