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Girl about Town: Hot Drinks for Cold Days


hot drinks

I am not overweight. I’ve really never had a weight problem, but since I’ve worked for HMR, I’ve lost a little weight and have become more fit. I do my best to eat right and exercise (sometimes I do better at this and other times, not so great). The point is that I practice balance in my life by eating healthy most of the time and looking for opportunities to exercise when I can, because I know there will be those times when the scales are tipped the other way.

One of the ways I balance calories is by using HMR Shakes as a meal “replacement.” All summer long, when it’s too hot to cook or I just want something cold and refreshing, I’ll happily blend up a fruit smoothie or make a shake with a no-calorie add-in (like DaVinci Gourmet® Syrups or Jell-o® pudding mixes). However, in these colder months, I haven’t been as excited to have an icy cold beverage.

Enter hot drinks. By making a shake hot, I have something filling and delicious that makes me feel warm and cozy. Here are a couple of my favorite recipes:

Hot Mocha
1 HMR Chocolate Shake
8 oz. hot coffee (or instant coffee mix with 8 oz. hot water)
Blend until mixed (about 10 seconds)
Note: If you’re using HMR 70 Plus, we recommend using warm, not hot water because it mixes better.

Chai Tea Latte
1 HMR Vanilla Shake
8-10 oz. chai tea (made with hot water and chai tea bag)
Note: I steep it for 3-4 minutes before blending it because I like it to be really flavorful
Blend until mixed thoroughly (about 10 seconds)

Peppermint Hot Chocolate
1 HMR Chocolate Shake
8-10 oz. hot water
1 drop of peppermint extract (Tip: This extract is super potent, so it helps to control how much you add by pouring the drop onto a spoon first and then adding to the blender – you can always add more, but you can’t go back!)
1 tsp. cocoa powder, optional

Do you have a hot shake recipe that you like to make when the cold winds blow?


by JessieDavenport on 02/05/2014 | Share Story With a Friend

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About the Author

Jessie Davenport

Jessie has worked at HMR since 1999, helping to develop video content for trainings and the web, and program materials for HMR Programs nationwide. She is a modern-day Girl About Town, on a mission to spread the word about good health as a vital part of good living.

Comments (6) Post a comment
My favorite hot shake is 1 scoop vanilla 120 blended into 6 oz hot water with 1/2 T sf/ff butterscotch pudding mix added to the blender. It is so rich and satisfying-a great dessert!
by Debbyrnfit on 03/08/2013
My favorite hot shake is 2 cups of hot coffee and 2 scoops of vinilla 120. Blend for 45 seconds. Hot and frothie. Like a got a fancy coffee from Starbucks but without the calories and the cost. That is my breakfast every day all winter. For later in the evening, I substitute one of the scoops for Chocolate. Its like having a hot chocolate as an evening treat.
by DonaReed on 03/07/2013
Mmmmm.... these recipes sound delicious! It's been pretty cold here in Boston this week, so I'm going to be giving ALL of these a try. Thanks for the comments!
by JessieDavenport on 01/06/2012
A simple HMR 120 hot chocolate is my "go to" hot shake! Easy and delicious! We recently bought a "stick blender" and I love the way it blends up a frothy hot chocolate in seconds! I highly recommend the purchase
by AJDiet on 01/03/2012
My wife and I love the Hot Chocolate with PB2 and Salted Caramel syrup. We use 3 cups of hot water, a double scoop of 120 Chocolate, a couple rounded teaspoons of PB2, and a jigger of Salted Caramel SF Syrup. We then pour it into two 16 oz mugs. It makes a great nite-time snack, and we sleep very well afterwards :)) (Tip - I start out with half the hot water, and then slowly add the rest of the hot water as it is blending.)
by ChuckBent on 12/29/2011
Thanks Jessie. My favorite hot beverage is the Chocolate -Lover's Double Chocolate with 6 oz hot water, 1 HMR choc shake and 1/2 teaspoon sugar-free chocolate instant pudding mix. Now that sounds great right about now. I think that I will definitely make one.
by debbiec on 12/29/2011