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07.20.17 06:07 PM
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Topic Title: Alternative protein shakes?
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Created On: 01/26/14 10:33 AM
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01/26/14 10:33 AM
supersandra Posts: 7
Joined: 06/08/13
Do you guys have any positive or negative recommendations for other non-HMR protein shakes? Not necessarily desperately looking to switch, but it's nice to know some good and bad ones in case I run out or find myself stuck somewhere unexpectedly for a while (e.g. travel complications).

01/27/14 05:31 AM
ChuckBent Posts: 675
Joined: 07/20/11
After being in the program for about 2.5 years, I was between jobs, and trying to save on food costs. And I can truthfully say that I have not found anything that even comes close to the taste or thickness of the HMR shakes !! They are hand downs - the best, and I have tried a lot of others !! One or two actually tasted OK, but were as thin as water and did not fill you up like the HMR shakes do - and they just turned into extra calories-in as I was still hungry. And on that note, we have actually had clients who were reporting that they were using HMR shakes, who were gaining weight, and when we actually sat them down and talked - we found out they were using non-HMR shakes. Good Luck.
01/27/14 07:37 AM
mom2sean01 Posts: 165
Joined: 09/30/11
I have been trying to find a shake like HMR and I am convinced HMR has the best shakes and the lowest calories. All the shakes on the market are not as full of daily vitamins and minerals like HMR. If I were you I would stick with the HMR shakes even though they are a lot more money. I did try something called I think complete nutrition it is in a white large container and I know GNC can help, but believe me it did not taste all that great. It was the only one with the calories of HMR. I didn't find it much cheaper either. I have tried them all and none compare. SF is the worst and the shakes they have are 150 calories no thanks. Sorry to say I recommend HMR.
01/27/14 07:44 AM
Giggles Posts: 5
Joined: 01/25/14
I have to agree with chuck but i have been in desperate need my self when had to make an unexpected flight ifond the already mixed atkins brand easily accessible... they have a lot more calories and I was forced to drink less because of that!
01/27/14 11:57 AM
Catherine Posts: 87
Joined: 12/01/11
I tried the Whole Foods brand Whey vanilla protein mix. I thought it was similar nutritionally to HMR 120, slightly less vitamins and slightly more calories I think. The taste was not as good, though not as distasteful as other brands. But after trying other brands I went back to HMR 120, mostly because of the taste.
Also remember, a lot of protein powders on the market are geared towards athletes who want to gain weight and muscle, not for people who want to lose weight and manage hunger.
01/28/14 09:29 AM
ChuckBent Posts: 675
Joined: 07/20/11
One thing ALL of those other shakes are lacking in - besides flavor - is How FULL you feel after an HMR shake. Yes, those other brands are a "shake" but they do not keep you full - and in the end you will find yourself consuming more calories ... Good Luck !!
01/28/14 11:04 PM
duxzzz Posts: 3
Joined: 01/28/14
So I have tried alternative shakes. I lost 70 lbs on HMR home model in 2009. For lack of funds and the thought that I could do it, I had been trying very hard and it has started to creep up on me. Other circumstances but mostly the fact that other shakes appear the same but are not I am up almost 40 lbs... there I said it. I spent last night reading everything I could find. I am signed up for orientation on Thursday. I would say if you can stay with the real deal.... it is the real deal.
01/29/14 05:35 AM
ChuckBent Posts: 675
Joined: 07/20/11
Duxzzz, thanks for sharing. Glad you are back ... Something tells me you will do great
01/31/14 08:37 AM
marianne Posts: 6
Joined: 04/23/12
Nothing better than HMR shake. Can use a diet soda or coffee, hot or cold instead of water; frozen fruits for really thick shake; coffee, creamy vanilla, chocolate extracts; any fruit; or suit with spinach (looks odd but cannot taste the spinach; chocolate diet soda and chocolate shakes. These are some of the add-ons I've used. Use infusion mixer and all come out thick and tasks.
02/03/14 04:31 PM
ErinPajak Posts: 6
Joined: 06/29/11
Thanks everyone. After reading this thread, I went right to the blender and made a shake! With the frigid temperatures I got out of the cold shake habit, but they are the best-tasting and filling shakes! I always manage my weight better when shakes are in my daily routine.
03/11/14 12:18 PM
ivandrago Posts: 46
Joined: 06/14/11
I have tried a variety of shake products along with the HMR shakes - mostly for increase protein consumption to augment weight resistance training. I get sick of all other shakes before I am done with the canister. I did find that the lowfat version of MuscleMilk when mixed with HMR 120 still tastes very good, and provides additional protein - but it comes at a price of additional calories.
03/12/14 05:25 AM
ChuckBent Posts: 675
Joined: 07/20/11
And is OUT of the box for HS Ph1 and/or DF These phases of the program are about Weight/fat loss, not the addition of muscles. That said, I have been doing a lot of strength training the past few months, and the trainer (who is very knowledgeable about nutrition) has indicated that the HMR shakes are the perfect blend of sugars and protein for muscle recovery after an intense workout. And I think as everyone on here as said - there is not another shake out there that tastes as good as the HMR shakes
09/07/16 05:01 PM
LtTawnyMadison Posts: 8
Joined: 04/12/16
I make hot drinks with the shakes a LOT, especially at work where I'm cold all day. I use a portable blender. Hot chocolate = 1 scoop + 8 oz water. Vanilla chai = 1 scoop + 8 oz steeped chai tea. Both yummy! And I think there are other recipes on this site.