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08.23.17 07:08 PM
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02.04.09 12:19 PM
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Topic Title: Diet Soda and Decision Free
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Created On: 08/11/17 05:56 PM
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08/11/17 05:56 PM
Offdutyagain Posts: 8
Joined: 06/21/17
I am at a loss as to whether diet soda is approved for Decision Free dieters. According to the information I received when I started the program, diet drinks were OK and counted towards the daily fluid intake total. But I've also been reading that diet sodas can slow down weight loss.

I've been in DF for the past 7 weeks and have lost a total of 38 pounds. Recently, I started using diet sodas a few weeks ago to make my shakes and have a glass with my entrees. I don't drink it otherwise. I've noticed a decrease in weight loss totals over the past couple of weeks. Could this be related?

Any thoughts would be welcome. As a DF dieter, I see a lot of information here for Healthy Solutions, not so much for Decision Free.
08/11/17 06:05 PM
SandiBraithwaite Posts: 625
Joined: 06/07/11
Thanks for checking in! First, congratulations on your weight loss so far! You have gotten an excellent start. To address diet soda, it does not slow weight loss. It is zero calories. Weight management is about calories in and calories out. I would refer you to your health coach to see if there could be another factor slowing your weight loss. Sometimes as people get close to their goal weight their rate of weight loss can begin to slow, but that isn't the case with everyone.

All the best !!
Sandi Braithwaite
Program Specialist/Health Coach Forum Moderator
HMR Weight Management Services Corp.
08/11/17 06:34 PM
Offdutyagain Posts: 8
Joined: 06/21/17
Thanks for responding so quickly. I am committed to this program and there is nothing better for reinforcement when I have co-workers and vendors notice my weight loss. Talk about incentive! But as I read the blogs here, I see conflicting information, hence my question.

I never drank diet soda's before so this is new territory for me. Thanks for the information. I guess I'm anxious to finally lose the weight I've been carrying for far too long.
08/15/17 11:44 PM
LindaH61 Posts: 17
Joined: 05/01/15
Just stick to water and add to it mint sprigs, citrus rind, cucumber or other. Don't eat the fruit or veggie, just use it to flavor