Get a Quick Start®

The most important part of any diet is the beginning. When you get a Quick Start, you lose more weight up front and establish momentum to keep losing.

To get a Quick Start, follow the diet exactly. Eat all of the HMR foods on your diet plan every day, and have extra if you need it to stay full. The goal is to eat enough HMR Shakes and Entrees (and fruits and vegetables if they’re a part of your plan) to stay on the diet or “in the box” for the first week. From there you’ll find it easier to add to your success and continue to stay within the structure of the diet.


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Hear other dieters describe why Quick Start was key to their weight loss

“…the motivation that comes from having that kind of immediate success keeps you going and that’s why I was able to lose 100 lbs. in eight months.”
-Joanna B. (lost 100 lbs.)
“…I had a quick start and I lost 6 lbs the first week, and for the next 3 months after that lost 2-3 lbs. a week…”
- Deirdre O.
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